Welcome note

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Kandziora

Dear colleagues, dear members and friends of the DWG,

I am very pleased to invite you to the annual conference 2020 in Berlin. For the first time the DWG will hold their meeting in our state capital. Our annual conference will take place from 10th to 12th December 2020 in the new congress Centre ‘hub 27’.

At the 15th annual conference we will maintain the established format without parallel sessions, but with overview presentations, pro and contra discussions and invited presentations. Regarding the content, we want to deal with three main topics ‘knowledge, quality, teamwork’. These are the essential pillars that make our DWG so successful.

Knowledge transfer is a key component of our annual scientific conference and our conservative and surgical education programs. Quality is ensured with the help of our advanced training events, as well as the individual and institutional certifications and our spinal registry. From my perspective, quality is the central topic. Not only because we are already measured by the quality of our supply, but also because in the future there will be consequences resulting from quality, such as consequences for licensing and for reimbursement. For this reason a discussion on this topic is elementary. Finally, teamwork is in my opinion unique in our specialist society. It is characterized by the interdisciplinary collaboration of all specialists interested in spine treatment.

In 2020 we will again be pleased to welcome an international specialist society. Together with our guests of the ‘Dutch Spine Society’ we will create an English-speaking session.

You will again have the opportunity to submit your latest research results on special themes, such as ‘spinal trauma, spinal cord injuries, upper cervical spine, minimally invasive spinal surgery, rehabilitation, biomechanics and quality in spinal treatment’.

Finally, the social aspect of strengthening our ‘DWG team spirit’ is also taken care of: our gala evening will be presented in the former telegraph office, which today is the capital representation of Telekom, near the Gendarmenmarkt.

I am looking forward to your visit in Berlin during christmas time and I wish you all a wonderful conference.

With best wishes from Frankfurt,


Frank Kandziora
President of the DWG 2020