Welcome note

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Kandziora

Dear colleagues, dear members and friends of the DWG,

“Corona” changes our previous congress landscape significantly. Our task now is to take on this challenge and master it in the best possible way.. The health of all of us, as well as the well-being of the patients, has the highest priority for the DWG Due to the SARS Cov-2 associated pandemic , the Executive Board of the German Spine Society feels a responsibility towards its members, congress participants and sponsors to refrain from holding an attendance congress this year.

However, in view of the many high-quality scientific contributions received, and in keeping with the motto – separate yet united – we would not like to remain in exchange with you. Therefore, after careful consideration of all – also economic – risks, we have jointly decided that we will hold the 15th DWG Annual Meeting as a digital congress in December 2020.

We will retain the program structure of recent years with the proven formats of invited lectures, pro and contra debates and presentations. This year we have chosen the three main topics “Knowledge, Quality, Teamwork”.

For us, these three keywords represent the essential pillars on which the DWG stands. The transfer of knowledge is not only a central part of our annual scientific congress but also of our conservative and operative training programs. We ensure quality through our continuing education events, individual and institutional certification, as well as through our spine register. Finally teamwork, which is unique in our society and is characterized by the constructive and cooperative collaboration of all disciplines involved in spinal treatment.

The quality of our work is a central issue, not only because we are already measured by the quality of our care today, but also because in the future there will be consequences resulting from the quality, e.g. for the recognition of specialization and reimbursement. Dealing with this topic is therefore elementary. Questions on “what is quality in spine surgery” and “how do we measure quality”, we be asked and answered l by numerous experts.

In order to further improve the quality in spinal surgery, the German Spine Society has been working for years on introducing for a board-certified “Spine Surgeon”. Now we have the opportunity to further advance this goal, which is already fixed in the statutes of the DWG. Hence, will not only inform you about the current status of the project, but also present other training concepts available throughout Europe at our congress.

With best wishes from Frankfurt, Yours
Frank Kandziora