17th German Spine Congress

Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society
07–09 December 2022 • Berlin (Germany)
10 December • Satellite Symposium Spine Science

Organisational remarks  Programme


Instructions for submission

Notes on submission and format requirements

  1. Please create your private account when registering. You will then receive your password by e-mail. Please note that it may also happen that the mail response with your private password is received in your spam folder. If you have not received the password by e-mail within an hour, please send an e-mail to abstract@conventus.de.
  2. After receiving your password, please log in with your e-mail and password. You can now submit your abstract under „abstract submission“. Please follow the steps indicated.
  3. Please note that, for security reasons, you are automatically logged out of the system after 1 hour. All unsaved data will be lost. We therefore recommend to write the abstract beforehand and copy the abstract text into the text field.
  4. Please submit the complete abstract. Temporary storing of the abstract is not possible.
  5. Editing the abstract is possible at any time until the submission deadline.
  6. After successful submission of your abstracts, you will receive a confirmation mail. Please note here too your spam folder.
  7. You can now register at any time and submit additional abstracts or modify already existing abstracts before the deadline on June 30, 2022. Submitting or saving after expiration of the deadline is no longer possible!
  8. Please note that the preference chosen between lecture and posters is not a guarantee.

Instructions for Authors

  1. 3000 characters are allowed for the abstract text, including spaces, bibliographical references and captions, excluding names of author and titles. There is no additional character buffer. The abstract revision is bound to the maximum number of characters of 3000.
  2. In the title neither the institute / clinic nor product or brand names may be given. In the abstract text, no reference can be made to participating institutes or clinics as the evaluation is anonymous.
  3. Multiple publications with the smallest publishable units from large studies should be avoided. In the abstract review process, multiple publications of a study are likely to be reduced to one paper. Therefore, please refer to possible multiple publications within the submission process.
  4. In the case of clinical/animal studies, it is mandatory that an ethics vote/animal experiment application is available. The vote number/application number must be indicated within the submission process. For colleagues working conservatively and persons from the non-academic sector, no ethics vote/animal experiment application is required.
  5. Tables or graphics (maximum two with a maximum storage capacity of 500 KB) in abstracts may be submitted in .png or .jpg format. Graphics and tables are printed in black and white in the abstract volume. The graphics will automatically be placed under the abstract text. X-rays may not show patient names.
  6. The lead authors will be informed about the acceptance via e-mail. In addition, information about the determined presentation form (lecture or poster) and the lecture date resp. poster presentation will be forwarded.

Design criteria
The abstract must be submitted in German and English (If you do not live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, only the English title is sufficient). Please note the following structure:

  1. Objective
  2. Material/Methods (selection of study objects or laboratory animals, methods of examination and analysis of data)
  3. Results (examination results with specific data and, where possible, statistical significances)
  4. Conclusion (conclusions from the results)

Please copy these headings in bold type into the abstract text.

Signatures / Declaration of Consent

The authors commit themselves that upon the acceptance of the poster/lecture, one of the authors will personally take over the presentation at the appointed time during the annual conference Provided you agree to publication in the "European Spine Journals" in the submission process, if the abstract is accepted it will be published in the form you submitted it. There is no error correction or revision by the DWG Programme Committee or Conventus.

Your contact person:
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Stefan Regge
Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1 • 07745 Jena (Germany)
Phone +49 3641 31 16-161
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