17th German Spine Congress

Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society
December 07– 09, 2022 • Berlin (Germany)

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Abstract submission

Submission is open for the following key topics:

  •     Myelopathy
  •     Spinal Oncology
  •     Navigation and robotics
  •     Spinal cord trauma
  •     Frailty
  •     Free topics

We are particularly looking forward to abstract submissions from conservatively active colleagues and people from the non-academic sector. For these we are planning a special session in the programme.

 >> Abstract submission <<

The deadline for abstract submission is June 30, 2022.

Attention! In the case of clinical/animal studies, an ethics vote/animal experiment application must be available (indicate vote number/application number when submitting the abstract)! For colleagues working conservatively and persons from the non-academic sector, no ethics vote/animal experiment application is required.

Please be sure to follow the instructions below before submitting:
Instructions for submitting

All accepted abstracts will be published in the November issue of the "European Spine Journal".

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