16th German Spine Congress

Annual Meeting of the German Spine Society
December 09–11, 2021 • Muenster (Germany)


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About Muenster

Welcome in Muenster

1648 - that is a date: weighty, of historical significance for Muenster and all of Europe. And 1648 - that is a place: young, bright and light, high above the roofs of the old town. "1648" is the name of the top floor of the Town house, just made accessible to guests, in the heart of the city, with a breathtaking panoramic view, wonderfully suited for an overview of this so old and so young city. But to really feel it up close, you should come down again - into the urban hustle and bustle of Prinzipalmarkt.
Here you can experience at every turn why Muenster is one of the "Historic Highlights of Germany". European history was made with the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the 30 Years' War in 1648. That is why Münster's Historic Town Hall bears the "European Heritage Seal". The panorama of merchants' gables on Prinzipalmarkt, the mighty St Paul's Cathedral, the baroque castle, traces of the Anabaptists, venerable churches and elegant noble courtyards characterise the cityscape.
The spectrum of culture can also be fascinating: whether "art in public space", which is found everywhere in the cityscape according to the leitmotif of the sculpture projects, whether in one of the more than 30 museums or in the often temporary locations of a vibrant young scene. The old town and castle offer a wonderful stage: from the traditional Hansa feast and the Schauraum museum festival to top equestrian sport and top gastronomy to the “Sparkassen Münsterland” Giro and the “Volksbank Münster Marathon”.

Text: Muenster Marketing