User Guide

Technical requirements

  • To ensure the best possible transmission quality and stability, the use of a direct LAN (as opposed to WLAN) connection is recommended.

  • Before the congress, make sure that the sound and video quality of your computer/laptop is good.

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser.

  • Using Internet Explorer as your browser is not recommended. Also make sure that you do not have too many tabs open in your browser.

To participate in the scientific programme:
Please check whether your browser and operating system support the playback of Vimeo

As active participants of the meeting (chairmen, speakers, poster authors):

Rules of conduct

General rules

  • Use your real name for your congress participation, unless your pseudonym is generally known.

  • You are welcome to use a profile picture (portrait picture at best, without a hidden face) to be found by other participants and to get into conversation with you.

  • The recording of presentations of any kind (video, audio, photo) and the distribution of the material is prohibited.

Chat rules/rules for the exchange

  • Courtesy and respect are top priority.

  • Follow the instructions and statements of the chairmen.

  • Personal insults, racist, sexist or insulting comments in the chat are prohibited and will be deleted accordingly.

  • Spam and advertising are also prohibited and will be deleted accordingly.

The organiser reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these rules from the congress.

Registration and Log-in

Registration for the conference is possible via the menu item Registration & Abstracts.

You can access the digital congress page via (activation will take place immediately before the start of the conference).

If you have already registered, you can access the congress login portal there under the "Registration" item to immerse yourself in the world of the digital DWG 2020.

Data protection

Please note that the on-demand material will be available to all registered participants until 15th March 2021 (subject to the consent of the authors). Presentations will only be stored and made available for the time agreed to by the authors. Further details can be found in the imprint of the digital congress at

On demand - congress material on demand

The congress material will be available on the congress website after the event.

Until 15th March 2021, all presentations will be available for you to look up individually. Please also note that attending the congress after the congress period is not recognised by the State Medical Association and is therefore not certified.